All Day Casual Bar

Located at an unmissable spot in Hebbal – Prequel, All day casual dining and bar offers a well curated and expansive menu of food and cocktails. 

Prequel – is an all resto day bar serving unique fun cocktails and comfort food from all over the globe – Indian grills, Sushi, Dimsum, Pizza, Burger – you crave it,we serve it. . The flagship outlet of Prequel has been launched in Hebbal and is soon to expand in the neighborhood around you in Banglore.

Prequel offers a dining experience that beautifully  transitions from a day to a night space. Using a neutral palette, the ambience transitions from a bright and airy brunch setting to a warm and buzzy evening resto-bar. 

The heart of Prequel, is the large and voluminous bar that is a visual focal point to the space. ‘What’s your story?’ It screams. The all day bar offers an alfresco experience, a fun, easy menu and ambience to suit any mood of your day. Prequel awaits to give its guests an experience that is memorable and prequel to your journey in life.